Only an aggressive and experienced team has the legal skill you need to overcome the pain and frustration of a bed bug infestation.

My Bed Bug Lawyer has the winning record you can count on — at NO out-of-pocket cost to you.

My Bed Bug Lawyer, or MBBL, is a team  that is dedicated to helping those folks who have been exposed to a bed bug infestation. We provide the resources they need in order to get through the pain and trauma. We have assembled teams of professionals nationwide that can assist our clients with everything relating to what it takes to recover:

  • Dermatologist
  • Allergist
  • Inspectors
    • Public
    • Private
  • Pest control operators

This is in addition to the most knowledgeable and aggressive team of bed bug lawyers that get results for you. Just so you know, MBBL represents only victims of bed bug infestations. So if you have encountered an infestation in your:

  • Apartment unit
  • Hotel
  • Retail furniture

Your situation qualifies for an evaluation the My Bed Bug Lawyer team that will be able to determine if your situation rises to the level where legal action needs to be taken. We don’t sue everybody, but if you’re a landlord, hotel operator, or retail store who has not addressed the potential consequences of exposing folks to BB infestations, you very well may be sued by My Bed Bug Lawyer. At the present time, our office represents hundreds and hundreds of victims of bed bug infestations.

Our offices are expanding nationwide in order to provide the best opportunity for results  if you have been exposed to abed bug infestation.

Are we aggressive?

  • Let me put it to you this way: I will challenge any lawyers on the planet to be more knowledgeable or aggressive in litigating bed bugs cases than My Bed Bug Lawyer.
  • Here at My Bed Bug Lawyer, we fill the void of victims of bedbug infestations that are unable to afford or secure cutting edge legal presentation to help deal with the problem they have been exposed to. Let me tell you that not all cases of exposure will rise to the level of legal action, but I do promise that every case that is presented to MBBL will be thoroughly evaluated by the nation’s leading bedbug specialists to see whether or not we can try to get you money for the problems you’ve encountered.
  • Remember, the consultation is free, the evaluation is free and we will never take a dime from our clients unless we get the responsible party to pay for the damage you’ve suffered.

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We’ve also provided 4 free educational videos  for you on this website, on the right side of this page. You can immediately learn what to do to protect yourself. They can help you move beyond the anger and frustration into solid action, and My Bed Bug Lawyer is ready to bring justice to your case.

Our Promise to You: gives you expertise that gives you power to choose the right options for your legal needs assures you that you are not alone in facing this problem: supporting those suffering from bed bug problems removes the isolation and frustration of dealing with bed bug problems on your own. does not charge clients until and unless their legal case results in a compensation award. 

What clients are saying about their results and how we take care of our client cases:

Everything was handled in a timely fashion. I felt like I was a priority and treated like family. I was very pleased with the end result. Absolutely would refer him to anyone and everyone. — Steven V.

Brian Virag is an excellent attorney. He always delivers results. He got me more than i asked for in my case and I would be more than happy to refer him to my own mother and father. — C. Hayes

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When beg bugs are visible on bedding, clothing, walls, sockets, furniture, etc., follow the guidelines in My Bed Bug Lawyer's video series above.

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